Gongfu Tea Workshop (Brighton)

Gongfu Tea Workshop (Brighton)


May 18, 2024    
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Slow Tea House
58 slinfold close, brighton, bn2 0ys
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Learn how to conduct your own Tea ceremony in a beautiful tea house, using real Yixing and antique teaware. We keep a very small group to ensure you really learn.

The main purpose of this event is to inspire you to practice “the way of tea” (“cha dao”)*, and to experience the internal cultivation, peace of mind, creativity and clarity that it brings.

* probably as a daily silent tea ceremony, but there are many ways to adapt this practice to your life


Program (2 hours total):
  • Short talk with tea ceremony, explanation of basic concepts (or more advanced topics if only old students)
  • Hands-on brewing: we give you hot water, teapots, cup and you will prepare the tea by yourself in a silent, undistracted, meditative (if you wish) way
  • Reflections and questions

If you wish, there will be the possibility to buy a simple tea kit (or proper teapots and cups) and tea at the end, to continue your practice at home.

Book workshop on puerh.uk


Please see the video below (same as on homepage) for more info on what is Slow tea:

The teas we drink and topic of the talk is always different so it’s okay to come often, even if you’re already know a bit about Gong fu cha / Tea ceremony.

Book workshop on puerh.uk


Important notes
  • There is a very friendly dog, if you’re allergic or scared of dogs this is not a fit.
  • No computer and phones are allowed, please bring a notepad if you’d like to take notes
  • Eat before you arrive, tea shouldn’t be drunk on an empty stomach
Getting here

We’re on a hill just above the county hospital in Kemptown, Brighton.

By car: paid parking (£1/hour) is available at the beginning of the street and on Whitehawk hill road

Bus 1 and 7 arrive near (a 5 minute uphill walk is required) while bus 37 is less frequent but arrives up the hill.

Book workshop on puerh.uk

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