Slow Tea House (Brighton)

Slow Tea House (Brighton)


April 30, 2023    
11:00 am - 4:30 pm


whitehawk hill road, brighton
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Join us in Brighton (UK) for Live Gongfu Tea !

Multiple tea tables, people, amazing tea, deep conversation, people come from all over the UK (and abroad) for this and for a good reason, the energy of the live meeting is quite extraordinary, the people you meet become good friends and you can get a lot of inspiration for your own tea practice.

***** These are the guidelines for the event, please make sure that you've read them all and agree before registering. (Updated June 2023) *****

Please take the time to read slowly and really take it in.

Forget time

We're here to experience some peaceful, connected, content time. Like being a tea tree, unconcerned with status, wealth, image and all the usual rushing to and fro of mankind. Leave all these behind for a few hours.

Turn off your phone

Even if you wish to take a picture, turn your phone off (off, not silent) straight after

Join a table

Ask freely to join an existing table or start a new one.

Bring your cup or if you need to borrow one, keep hold of it during the day.

Please, no food at tea tables, there are special areas for sharing food. Bring your own food or order takeout.

Which tea?

When drinking multiple teas in a day, it's best to use the really high quality ones, because otherwise it can be a bit harsh on the body and mind. You may want to bring some of your very best tea, or you can try sample sizes of various world-class Puerh.

Metta (the “loving kindness” dog)

We have a lovely golden retriever who will come to sniff you, and perhaps lie down at your feet.

Please do not feed her.

Close doors when entering and leaving the house, as she's an escape artist.

On communication

Humble invitations to make the most of these day

1) Be interested in the other

Ask questions and try to understand them (as opposed to the common 'waiting for one's turn to talk'), particularly listen to the quiet ones, avoid interruptions, leave a lot of space before speaking.

2) Talk about the here and now

Avoid topics like politics, covid, jobs (unless it really moves you).

Take the occasion to connect deeper, leaving contentious and usual topics of conversation for other more appropriate settings.

3) One conversation at each table

There is beauty and depth in silence, particularly when it happens naturally.

Resist the temptation to “fill the gaps”, allow some quiet space to be and time to think, you'll be rewarded with peace.

4) People are actually really friendly...

...when we quieten our minds.

We wish to see the real you, no need to hide or perform.

***** These are the guidelines for the event, please make sure that you've read them all and agree before registering. *****


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